Understanding Created Kinds and Species

Bell Curve Example

Kinds vs. Species Bell Curve

Many people ask what taxonomic level is equated with the Created Kinds. This is a poor and overly simplistic question. Historically, our taxonomic system has been based on similar morphology (appearance). Created Kinds is based on breeding capability. These are two different systems and they do not necessarily equate to each other. Simply put, Kinds do not equate to any one taxonomic rank.

To illustrate the point better, I turn to the standard statistical bell-shaped curve. Many are familiar with this curve in regards to receiving grades (A, B, C, D, F) in school. Most people will receive a C grade, a few will receive either a B or a D grade, and rarely will someone receive an A or F grade. Similarly, most of the Kinds equate with the Family level, a few with the Genus or Super-Family level, and rarely it will equate with the Species or Order levels.

 Created KindsSpecies
ScriptureHas a distinct Form / body shape

Recognizable - Adam Named the Animal Kinds

Noah had Thousands of Kinds on the Ark
Surface Features Change

Noah did not have Millions of Species
ScienceWide Genetic Variation

Able to Acclimate to different Climates

Produces Many Species
Closely Associated with
Family Level of Classification
Limited Genetic Variation

Already Acclimated to one Climate / Environment

Hybridize with other species within the Kind

Produces Varieties within the Species

Species Level of Classification
ExamplesWolf Kind - dog, wolf, fox

Elephant Kind - mastadon, mammoth, elephant

196 Kinds of Birds
Red fox, Grey Wolf

Asian Elephant, African Elephant

About 10,000 Bird Species
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Todd Elder

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