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Creation Science

Creationism is the belief that the entire universe and all of life were created in a special act by a Creator. This is based on the concepts contained within Scripture with an emphasis on the Genesis account of a seven day act of creation. It states that the creation was originally made in a good condition and that over time it is deteriorating and getting worse due to the fall of man and the action of sin. Understanding the concepts of Creationism, Evolutionism, and the Scientific Method are the base for understanding ...
Introduction to Creation Science

Created Kinds

The Creator made the Heavens and the Earth including the plants, the animals, and man. He spoke them into existence in a literal seven day act of creation. Studying the Created Kinds in Scripture, with an emphasis on the Hebrew and Greek languages, brings an understanding to the basic concepts of life. The concept of Created Kinds includes a basic understanding of the Creator, the Genesis Kinds found in the Garden of Eden, the Ark Kinds found during Noah's flood, and the plants and animals found alive today. ...
Introduction to Created Kinds


Baraminology is defined as the scientific study of Created Kinds and more generally refers to the taxonomic classification of plants and animals from a Creationist viewpoint. A major goal in the field of Baraminology is to determine the original Created Kinds as well as connect different species within a kind today. One method of this work deals with reproduction and hybridization, which is a very strong indication that two plants or animals are related. A second method is statistical analysis of characteristics to determine similarity. ...
Introduction to Baraminology

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